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October 12(Tue)~15(Fri), 2021
Ramada Plaza Hotel, Jeju


Free International City with Visa-Free Entry

Jeju is a free international city allowing free entry without a visa.

Jeju Island is located at the center of East Asia and acts as an important linkage that connects China, Japan, and South East Asia.

The island can be reached by air or cruise ship, but the fastest and most comfortable way to reach it is by air. There are direct flights to Jeju from hub airports of major cities in Northeast Asia. Also, more than 200 domestic flights (Jeju-Gimpo) are available each day (round-trip).

You can check the flight times in real time with the Korean Airports Corporation’s Korea Smart Airports App.

– Visa-Free Entry from more than 187 countries
– Direct flights from 33 major cities in Asia Pacific 4 countries
– Frequent Domestic flights daily on 12 domestic routes for easy transit

8 International Airports in Korea

– Incheon – Gimpo – Jeju – Gimhae
– Deagu – Cheongju – Yangyang – Muan


Jeju International Airport → Venue (Ramada Plaza)

Ramada Plaza Jeju, 66 Tapdong-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju Island    TEL. +82-64-729-8100

Way 1. Taxi (Fare: KRW 5,500) or Car  [Total of 3.8km | 10 minutes]
To Yongmun rotary → Hancheon Bridge → Seomun Market → Turn left at Seomun Sageori (four-way intersection) → Go straight to Tapdong-ro