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Korea Immigration Regulations

Korea Immigration Regulations
Entry Regulations

All passengers from countries with visa waiver agreements (total of 90 countries) visa-free entry restrictions
Single- or multiple-entry Korean visas for short-term stay issued on or before April 5, 2020 revoked
Visa exemption for Japanese nationals suspended

  1. Exemptions: Diplomatic/official passport holders, cabin crew, ABTC/APEC cardholders, long-term visa holders, C-4 short-term employment visa holders

Re-entry permit exemption for long-term foreign residents in Korea suspended
Obtainment of re-entry permit required before departure

  1. Exemptions: Holders of diplomat visa (A-1), government official visa (A-2), agreement visa (A-3), overseas Korean visa (F-4), refugee travel document, and travelers re-entering Korea following the departure on or before May 31

The implementation of the Korean Electronic Travel Authorization(K-ETA)[As of Sep 01,2021]

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Quarantine Requirements

All Passengers (Including Re-entry foreign nationals) entering Korea must submit a Print PCR test result (Inspection method must be written in Korean or English. If written in other languages, a certified translation must be submitted together) within 72 hours of departure (As of February 24)

Electronic certificates such as on mobile devices are not accepted.

  1. Valid PCR test scope : Tests based on gene amplification detection (NAATs, PCR, LAMP, TMA, SDA, NEAR, etc.)
  2. Exception: Children under 6 years of age, Transit Passenger, persons subject to exemption from quarantine for humanitarian reasons and purpose of overseas business trips for official duties, Shift seafarer departing from Singapore (with Korean seafarer’s book) Korean nationals (with Korean passport)
  • If you are issued a PCR quarantine document online, be sure to print it out and submit it
  • All Passengers departing from the Philippines, Indonesia and Uzbekistan it is necessary to submit a PCR test result issued by an inspection agency designated by an overseas mission
    Uzbekistan Designated Inspection Agency (As of Jul 26, for Koreans the guidance period from Jul 26 to Aug 1)

Penalties for passengers who are confirmed positive without submitting a PCR negative confirmation(As of May 10, 2021).

    • Penalty : 2,000,000 KRW
    • Subject to : Passengers who have been confirmed positive as a result of the COVID 19 test at the quarantine station among Koreans who have not submitted a PCR negative confirmation or submitted a substandard PCR negative confirmation
    • Exception : Under the age of 14, etc.

For all Korean and foreign nationals entering Korea

  • Quarantine for Korean nationals/Long-Term Foreigners
    14-day quarantine at residence
    Short-term foreign residents: 14-day quarantine (expenses to be paid by passengers)
  • Self-quarantine is possible if a family relationship with a long-term foreign residents/Korean is confirmed (within third cousin, direct descendant)
  • Long-term foreigners/Korean nationals entering from Brazil, Africa, India, self-quarantine after PCR diagnostic test at a temporary living facility upon arrival
  • 14-days Quarantine at a government-designated facilities for long term stay foreign nationals /Korean nationals from Tanzania, South Africa (As of Apr22, 2021)
  • Family members (lineal ascendants, blood relatives, etc.) of Korean nationals or long-term foreign residents registered in Korea are eligible for self-isolation
  • Long-term foreigners/Korean nationals departing from Myanmar have a inspection and confirmation of results at temporary living facilities (takes 7 days), Self-isolation 7 days thereafter as of Aug 6, 2021.
  • For Koreans/long-term foreigners who departed from Chile/Peru, self-quarantine for 7 days after PCR diagnostic test and confirmation of results (7 days) at temporary living facilities(As of Sep 1)
  • Koreans/foreigners staying for a long time from other countries, self-quarantine (14 days) after PCR diagnostic test at Public health center where you live
  • Quarantine/isolation procedures when a Korean national who has been vaccinated in Korea enters Korea (if asymptomatic)
    Arrival in Korea → Submit vaccination certificate/PCR negative certificate to the quarantine officer → Pass the examination by the Ministry of Justice → Pick up baggage → Move to residence (no restrictions on using public transportation) → Standby after a *diagnostic test at the local public health center within 1 day (takes 1 day)→ Exemption from quarantine → Visit a public health center on the 6th or 7th day after entering the country and conduct additional diagnostic tests
    *Starting from August 30th, additional diagnostic tests will be added within 1 day after entry

    Change of conditions for those who have completed vaccination(As of Aug 30)
    In case of leaving Korea after 2 weeks have elapsed after completion of vaccination
    In case of entering Korea after 2 weeks have elapsed after completion of vaccination
    Example: If the second inoculation date (inoculation completion date) is September 1, Quarantine exemption is possible if the date of entry into Korea is after 00:00 on September 16

  • Quarantine exemption
    Passengers have completed vaccinations in Korea and re-entered after leaving the country (As of May 5, 2021)
    Passengers have completed vaccination abroad and have entered the country for the following purposes(Quarantine exemption form must be issued in advance/As of Jul1,2021)
    [Visiting the immediate family/Important business/Academic public interest/Humanitarian purpose] Applicable only to those who enter the country two weeks after receiving all the recommended doses for each vaccine in the same country
    *Only WHO-approved vaccines are allowed: Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Janssen, Moderna, Covishield, Sinopharm/Sinovac
    *If you are entering from a country with a mutated virus, such as South Africa or Brazil etc, you cannot be exempt from quarantine even if you have been vaccinated.
    *For the issuance of the quarantine exemption letter, the quarantine exemption application documents, pledge, and vaccination certificate must be submitted to the screening agency (embassy/consulate and relevant ministries)

Notice regarding Coronavirus Disease-19 operated by the Korean government  Notice regarding Coronavirus Disease-19 operated by the Korean government

Quarantine Exemption(Passengers have completed vaccinations in Korea)  Quarantine Exemption(Passengers have completed vaccinations in Korea)

Quarantine Exemption(Passengers have completed vaccinations abroad)  Quarantine Exemption(Passengers have completed vaccinations abroad)

Transfer Eligibility

Holders of confirmed connecting flight ticket and passengers transferring within 24 hours

  • Thai nationals: Document issued by the Thai Embassy (Consulate-General) required upon return to Thailand

For those arriving from overseas, domestic flight can not be on board

  1. Exemptions : Jeju-Island residents board a flight to Jeju-Island, Holders of Quarantine Waiver

For more information, please contact the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency Call Center(1339) or Incheon Airport Quarantine Station(032-740-2700)


  • Government travel restrictions are subject to constant change and sometimes introduced without adequate notice.
  • This information is only for reference and does not guarantee passenger entry or exit.
  • For further details, please refer to the latest safety updates on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Travel Safety website or the notices posted on the relevant diplomatic mission website.
  • To prevent the spread of Covid-19, most countries have imposed travel restrictions on arrival or transit for various categories of passengers, as well as a number of medical and quarantine-related requirements. Before planning your trip, we suggest you to read the current requirements of the country of destination from our dedicated application.