Online Platform & Web-Proceedings

October 12(Tue)~15(Fri), 2021
Ramada Plaza Hotel, Jeju

Special Session

Post-Doctoral Session: Beyond Ph.D.

by Dongjun Lee, OS Chair of ICCAS 2021

Date: October 13, Wednesday 13:00-15:00
Place: 8F Room 8 (Halla Hall)

Vitalii Pruks “The Development of Research on Interactive Virtual Fixture Generation”
Hyunsoo Yang “Dynamics and Control Problems of Novel Aerial Manipulation Systems with Rotor Actuation”
Inrak Choi “Methods for Improving the Perceived Impedance Range of Handheld Haptic Controllers”
Bhivraj Suthar “A Foldable Robot Arm for Drones: Applications and Challenges”
Hyeongjun Kim “A Tire System Attached Acceleration Sensor for Road Condition Classification”
Kwang-Hyun Lee “Virtual Teleoperation-based Human-assisted Autonomy for Shared Teleoperation”
Myunghyun Lee “Gait Event Detection Using the Convolutional Neural Network Based on a single IMU Attached to the Various Parts of the Upper Body”
Yeoneung Kim “Local Optimization of Optimal Control Problem on a Wasserstein ball”

Short tutorials on recent advances of control theory and applications (Special talks by young researchers).

by Jun Moon

Date: October 14, Thursday 14:50-16:20
Place: 8F Room 8 (Halla Hall)

Dong-Hwan Lee “Data-Driven Control Design with LMIs and Dynamic Programming “
Chang Mook Kang “Linear Parameter Varying Approach for Autonomous Vehicle”
Chanhwa Lee “Secure state estimation and redundant observability”
Gyunghoon Park “Understanding interplay of sampling, uncertainty, and discrete-time design of disturbance observer: A short introduction”